4 Signs That Your Restaurant Need an iPad POS

24 Jun , 2017 News

4 Signs That Your Restaurant Need an iPad POS

IPad POS are replacing the brick and mortar Point of Sale in many restaurants. However, your restaurant may be performing well even with the older system. But the trend in the industry is moving at an exponential rate. For this reason, you should be at par with these changes so as to remain competitive.

Like any other entrepreneur, you may be wondering at what point you should shift to mobile selling points. Here are four signs that can act as indicators you need an IPad POS in your restaurant:

  1. Slow processing and outdated softwareWhen you notice that your staff is taking a lot of time to complete an order due to the use of outdated software, it is time to rethink on the way forward. Adopting an iPad POS in your restaurant can improve your efficiency as it comes with new features as well as free updating of your software.

 As such, you will have the upper hand since your business will always be at par with the current trends in the restaurant industry without spending an extra dime.

  1. High congestion in the server stationsUsing the old POS system requires the servers to note down orders and key them in at the server stations. Congestion around the stations is an indicator that it’s time to move the ordering tasks to mobile devices. Providing your servers with iPad POS will not only reduce the server station traffic but also, it will improve the service provision in your business as the devices will shorten order taking and delivery duration.
  2. Reduction in sell-upsTo bring in more revenues in your business, you must ensure that your restaurant has enhanced add-ons and sell ups. As such, you must encourage your staff to encourage the customers to spend more money through offering either of the two. However, humans are prone to little memory and could forget to implement this aspect.

With an iPad POS, you can remind your servers to sell-up to the customers through pop-up messages whenever a client places an order. Hence, you can maximize the client’s spending which in turn enhances your profits.

  1. High rate of order send backs Lastly, when you notice there is a large number of orders being sent back either due to missing ingredients or serving mix up, it is time to shift to mPOS. With iPad POS, you can reduce such errors as the server and kitchen team can communicate directly. The servers do not have to note down the order details on a paper which mostly result in mix up and other errors.

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